The Edge of Tomorrow – Extended Ending

*I’ve taken it upon myself to extend the ending to the movie, The Edge of Tomorrow. It contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen it, it won’t make as much sense. This is a link to a song from the soundtrack that may enhance your reading experience.

With every step the soldiers snapped to attention and saluted him. He walked past them briskly in his officer’s uniform, adjusting the cufflinks. He had passed them hundreds of times as a private. Now he passed them as Major Cage. The title hardly mattered. He walked alongside the combat simulator. As usual, she was poised in the middle of the simulator arena, balancing on her arms above the floor, legs like a plank. She wore a sports bra covered by a half inch, bullet proof vest and military cargo pants. Both black. Continue reading


Moonlight is a dangerous thing when you’re with a girl.
It does what your heart cannot always do.
It shows you what your eyes cannot always see.

It enhances beauty
concealing blemishes
playing upon cheek bones so every facial curve is silver porcelain
dancing across eyes with liquid grace
a splash of mystery


Moonlight converses in playful banter
even in silence

persuading every word
implying every word
inferring every word


is flirtatious

is meaningful

is eternal.

Moonlight is a beautiful thing.

Will She

Will she ever see You instead of me
as eyes engage
will she know it’s my face but You’re eyes
will the glory be Yours instead of mine
When I dip her low
in the steady beat of song
will she know it’s You
confessing Your love
even as I haphazardly try my subtle magic upon her heart
Forgive me
In that brief pause
between the beat
the ordained steps that guide our feet
before I sweep her off her toes
will she know it’s You
not I
supporting her with sturdy arms
in that moment of questioning suspense

On Creative Work

May I never be such a perfectionist that I don’t share my creative work. May I never be so concerned with the opinions of mortals, or so comparative, that I refuse to share that immortal, creative part of me. It is mine, and yet it is yours. It may not be DaVinci or Steinbeck or Houston or Coltrane, but it is unique and beautiful and to not share it would be to deny a fundamental part of myself, to doubt a shining thread of my vibrant tapestry.

That Sense of Eternity

There is a sense within me that I’m special. That sounds cheesy and arrogant, I realize. It’s beyond feeling special though: it’s a belief that I’m destined for some great purpose. I think everyone believes this about themselves to varying extents, and this “soul-knowledge”–that’s what I’m calling it–is more than a product of nature or nurture, although they clearly play a role. If you don’t think you’re special, I wonder what happened in your life (or what didn’t happen?) that squelched your hope, and I hope you keep reading.

Continue reading

We forget so easily…

If only I could remember forever the inspiration, the love, the joy, the sacrifice, and even the hurt, that I felt after a movie, a book, a kiss, a fun night with friends, a  midnight conversation, a profound prayer…If only I could remember what it was like, holding my niece in my arms, gazing into her eternal eyes, realizing that she is suddenly part of my lucky life. If only. Continue reading

It’s Not a Question, Just Something I’m Curious About

Is all our time forgotten
are the memories now dust

on the cover of a story
titled Just the Two of Us

pushed in the darkest corner
in the attic, in the hutch

does the journey now mean nothing
since it ended so abrupt

has the hurt choked out the joy
that we shared together once

can we part with wistful smiles
though the heart is nearly crushed

perhaps one day we’ll cherish
the excitement and the rush

of a once forgotten story
about you and me and us.

© 2014 Mike Tannian